The Beat-Herder Festival

3 more days of beats and barminess

17th – 19th July 2015. The Ribble Valley, Lancashire.

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Welcome to Beat-Herdershire

Have a look at Beat-Herder 2014 photo's by Duke Studios.

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2014 The Extra Festival Activity Award Winner


This award recognises events that paid that extra bit of attention to detail that creates a magical and unforgettable festival experience.


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I have entered Pratty’s Ring. This is a new Beat-Herder venue, a sacred dance space that draws upon the legend of John Pratt, a man of these parts who stood 8ft tall and had the strength of ten men.

Sean Tizzard - E Festivals

If you’ve never been to Beat-Herder it’s hard to describe what you’re missing without bursting out with words like awesome, epic, amazing, bizarre and it is all that and so much more. It’s like being part of a secret society with just one mission. To have a party.

Gulfraz Ahmed - Counterfeit Mag

The rave scene and mellow hippy vibes worked together in perfect harmony. The festival was a yin and yang, day and night, moon and the sun, when it came to contrast of festival love. The beats had been successfully herded with disregard for any commercial bullshit. A lot of hard work and dedication has been put in for the love of the festival experience.

Samuel Port - Champion Up North