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Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions

  1. No, this is a music festival!

    Having said that, we have a large, well equipped and properly staffed children's area within the festival, as well as plenty to entertain children of all ages across the whole site.

    Many people bring children along and have a great time, but please remember that you need to be over 25 if you are bringing anyone under 18 with you (up to a max. of 2 U18s).

    Please also remember that adults making the most of a music festival can sometimes be a bit intimidating to the young and uninitiated, especially later in the evening.

  2. No! Beat-Herder is held on a working farm and this is at the specific request of the landowner.

    Anyone bringing a dog or other pet (guide dogs or other assistance dogs excepted) to the site will be refused admission and asked to leave.

  3. The fancy dress theme for The Beat-Herder Festival 2019 is the fantastic letter R, so dress like a Robot, or a Rebel or a Radish or anything beginning with R!

  4. Passes for the live-in vehicle area are are completely sold out and we are at capacity for that area - there are absolutely no more for sale on line or on the day.

    Car park passes are only available on arrival at the festival now .

    Please have your tickets close to hand, to show you have a weekend ticket for the festival and also have £20 ready, as you purchase them as you drive up the track with the window down from one of the team.

    HERD EM UP!! xx

  5. Due to a recent spate of devastating carbon monoxide poisonings in tents around the UK, we have now a complete ban on gas bottles being used inside any tents. This applies for both heating or cooking.

    Please ensure all cooking is done in a well ventilated porch or gazebo or, better still, completely outside your tent.

    A much safer solution to the problem of keeping warm at night would be a decent thick duvet or sleeping bag and a roll mat. These options are often cheaper than buying a gas heater and are definitely safer and permitted at the festival.

Buying and Receiving Tickets

  1. Adult tickets for Beat-Herder 2019 start @ £120 plus booking fee and postage. Tickets are on sale from Friday 28th September.

  2. Tickets go on sale on Friday 28th September 2018 and can be purchased here!

  3. Tickets won't be posted out till a few weeks before the event. If it's already a few weeks before the event and you're still waiting, please give Ticketline a call on 0161 813 2222 and they should be able to help you further.

  4. Yes, but we call them a Youth Ticket (age 13-17), Child Ticket (2-12) and an Infant Ticket (under 2).

    Anyone under the age of 18 will only be allowed entry to the festival with a 'Responsible Adult' (who has to be over the age of 25 and who can accompany up to a MAXIMUM of two under 18s). Youth, Child or Infant tickets are printed as a combined ticket with the responsible Adult ticket. The person named on the Adult ticket must therefore arrive and enter the festival with the Youth(s), Child(s) or Infant(s)

    To ensure compliance with our Child Protection Policy, there are some terms and conditions associated with buying Youth Tickets. Points 2 to 9 of the terms and conditions can be viewed here.

  5. Ticketline have launched their own ticket exchange website - Fanticks. This is the only way we allow unwanted tickets to be sold on. All tickets are now named and proof of ID is required on entrance, so please don't sell on tickets on other sites - the name on the ticket will be incorrect and entry will be refused.

    If you'd like to pass a ticket on to a friend, rather then re-sell, you will need to get the name on the ticket changed. To do this, call Ticketline on 0161 813 2222. A small admin fee may be charged.

  6. This fee covers the payment fees, order processing and ticket printing.

  7. Beat-Herder relies on early ticket sales to bring in money to begin booking acts and artists and paying the deposits on the festival infrastructure. The lower priced tiers are there as an incentive to buy your ticket early. We don't offer payment plans on these tiers as they don't bring in the early cash we need to organise the event.

    Don't forget Beat-Herder is a small and independent event, we don't have any financial backers and rely on ticket sales to make the event what it is.

  8. Ticket prices have stayed the same for the last three years. Unfortunately general increases in our costs have now caught up with us and this year we have had to put up the prices slightly. We always do our best to make your money go as far as possible, so expect a better, brighter and safer event!

  9. We're using a new system for 2019's festival. By capturing the names of ticket holders during the buying process we can then link wristbands directly to individuals ensuring that if a wristband becomes lost, or broken during the event, getting a replacement is an easy process.

    In recent years we have also seen an increase in attempts to enter the festival with stolen, resold and forged wristbands. This is something we take seriously and this new process will make these attempts far more difficult.

    If you need to change a name on your ticket, please call Ticketline on 0161 813 2222. A small admin fee may be charged.
    All data collected during the buying process is securely handled and will only ever be used by Ticketline and/or Beat-Herder.

The Festival Site

  1. Beat-Herder has loads of well stocked bars selling everything you'd expect. There's also an underground vodka bar, a couple of cocktail venues, a prosecco bar and even a shack dedicated to Absinthe, so most angles are covered. Prices, where possible, will be no more than in your local pub.

  2. Yes, you can.

    There is a dedicated kiosk within the festival that you can buy these things from. The location of the tobacco hut is on the map in the programme (or just ask the nice security guards to point you in the right direction).

  3. Loads of food.

    Expect a decent array of different food vendors, catering for all tastes and dietary requirements.

    We offer all our traders fair pitch prices with an understanding that this fairness is passed on to the customer.

  4. Yes!

    We'd advise you time this so you're avoiding unnecessary queues, Friday afternoon or evening would be a nightmare, Saturday and Sunday are quieter!

  5. Each year we make considerable improvements to site access for all. We have fully accessible facilities in the both the campsite and the main arena. Please click on this link for information about accessibility at Beat-Herder.

Getting to the Festival

  1. Here are a few number to get you started.

    Minibuses and coaches 01254 672338

    Clitheroe Taxis 01254 888288

    Burnley Taxis 01282 777247

    Accrington Taxis 01254 388888

  2. The festival site will be open from 9.00am on Friday 12th July 2019.

    The arena and entertainment starts at 4.00pm, giving you plenty of time to make camp beforehand.

  3. Facebook is the best place to request or offer lifts.

  4. Try BB7 4LH. It's the other side of the road but the nearest you will get.

  5. We are afraid not, the campsite opens at 9am on the Friday.

    We will be running around like headless chickens, getting everything ready for you, on the Thursday. Also insurance, security & licence are issues which will not allow. Sorry.

  6. There is a regular bus service that passes the festival gates, the 280 (operated by Stagecoach). This runs along the A59 from Preston in the West to Skipton out East (no service on Sundays). More info and timetables here.

  7. Yes. It costs only £15 (when bought in advance) for the weekend.

    Bring a car full of folk and it'll only be a few quid each, plus you can share the fuel costs, save the environment, and wear a rightfully smug grin as you arrive.

Camping, Caravans and Camper Vans

  1. Not specifically.

    We try to encourage those who prefer things a bit quieter to head towards the furthest fields. These areas generally have a bit more room too as they require a bit more effort to get there. (it's not miles away though - maybe a few hundred meters further).

  2. Yes we do!

    We have teamed up with our close friend Mr (Tommy) Thompson. He's a local tent maker and is offering the use of his bell tents and yurts as boutique accommodation at the festival - sited in their own exclusive compound, accessed only by those with special wristbands. The area will have hot showers and flushing toilets. Prices vary - depending on size and requirements.

    For more info, click here

  3. No!

    You are not allowed to make your own fires in the camp-site (or anywhere else at the festival), but we do have a great big fire pit within a stone circle in the main arena.

  4. Yep, although you'll need a specific pass, depending on what you're bringing.

    We have passes for campervans up to 6 meters long, passes for those over 6 meters long and passes for cars towing caravans. You can get the pass that you need when you buy your tickets.

  5. You are allowed one tent or awning per live-in vehicle pass you have paid for, but only if it is totally necessary for children.

    The tent/awning must arrive with the live-in vehicle, not in a separate vehicle. Please be aware that space is very tight.

  6. No.

    We have separate car park and camping fields. You'll have to carry your stuff from one to the other. Don't worry though, these are not far apart.

  7. The live-in vehicle area at Beat-Herder is just for 'proper' campervans and caravans.

    We are sorry but we just don't have the space for cars and work vans and the extra congestion results in big delays getting off site on Monday morning.

    Please don't spend the extra money on a live-In vehicle pass if you don't meet the criteria, as you will not be allowed within the specified area and you won't be able to set up camp in the car park either.

Accessibility Queries

  1. We operate a Personal Assistant ticket scheme which provides an additional ticket free of charge for people who wouldn’t be able to come to the festival without bringing a personal assistant with them. We will need to agree a PA ticket based on your eligibility and through prior arrangement.

    Please click here for more info on how to apply.

    We ask that you leave it no later than Friday 21st June to get touch. We'll also do our best to arrange any special requirements you may have.

  2. Please click on this link for information about accessibility at Beat-Herder.


  1. Only if we have tickets left.

    Beat-Herder has sold out in advance for the last thirteen years, so this unlikely.

    Make sure you don't miss out and get your tickets here!

  2. There will be cash machines on site this year so there is no need to bring lots of cash to the festival. There will be a small charge for this service.

  3. Yes, yes and yes.

    Event Locker Solutions will be providing a fancy locker service this year. Availability is limited but places can be secured, in advance, when buying your tickets.

    Please remember that valuables are best left at home but kept on your person or in a locker, if completely essential to bring with you.

  4. Yep. There are a few options, including 'the more fun showers' (cold) and some primo hot showers, which are cleaned between uses (there's a small charge for these).

  5. All artists that are playing will be listed within the line up page, as soon as they are confirmed.

    You can find out also find out about line up releases, as we announce them, through facebook, twitter and instagram.

  6. Why of course.

    Saturday night is fancy dress night (but you can dress fancy all weekend if you're feelin' it)!

    The fancy dress theme for The Beat-Herder Festival 2019 is the fantastic letter R, so dress like a Robot, or a Rebel or a Radish or anything beginning with R!

  7. The main stage performances finish at around midnight on Friday and Saturday, with the other areas/venues winding down between 3 and 4 in the morning.

    On Sunday night all areas wind down for midnight.

  8. Please see the get involved section of this website.

    Every year we offer slots to unsigned and unknown acts. If you're interested in performing, we ask that you use our online application - rather than emailing in. We receive thousands of email requests every year and often they get lost in our inbox.

  9. Please see the get involved section of this website for information about applying to trade at the festival.

  10. Alcohol can ONLY BE BROUGHT IN ON YOUR 1st ENTRY WHEN YOU GET YOUR WRISTBAND, once you have your wristband you cannot bring more into the festival.

    For 2019, you can bring in 1 crate of cans (up to 24 pack) OR 1 box of wine OR 1 bottle of decanted spirits (1L or 1.5L).

    You can drink it wherever you like on site, not just in the campsite. Oh and if you run out, our bars sell the cheapest and best booze on the festival calendar, and you can even earn free booze by keeping the place tidy.

    Glass is NOT ALLOWED on site and will be confiscated, so please look for drinks in alternative packaging or decant your drinks before you leave home.

  11. For several years we operated a litter bond system. £5 was added to the face value of the ticket, this was then returned in exchange for a full bag of rubbish at the festival. The intention was that the site would be left cleaner and our waste management bill would reduce.

    Unfortunately while a decent percentage of people did their bit and reclaimed their £5, the site was still left in bad shape come Monday morning and our waste management bill has continued to climb.

    We're not giving up on this and are exploring alternative incentives to encourage people to clean up!