The Beat-Herder Festival Terms & Conditions

The possession of a ticket shall constitute acceptance, by the holder, of the terms and conditions detailed below and an agreement on the part of the holder to observe them. Failure to comply may result in refusal of entry or ejection from the festival, with no refund.

Ticket Terms and Conditions

Tickets are subject to these terms and conditions, and the Festival Rules from time to time in place at the venue and stipulated by The Beat-Herder Limited (“the Promoter”)

The purchase of tickets is also subject to Ticketline Terms and Conditions which form part of these terms and conditions and, in the event of any disparity or contradiction between the Ticketline conditions and the conditions set out below, the Ticketline conditions shall prevail.

All ticket holders will be issued with a wristband on arrival which is bar coded to the individual. The Promoter reserves the right to require all persons attending the event to provide photographic proof of their identity to verify that they are wearing the correct wristband. Any person who is found either not to be wearing a wristband or to be wearing a wristband issued to another person or who fails to provide proof of their identity when asked to do so may be removed from the Festival site and be refused readmission. Only a valid passport, driving licence, or government approved proof of age cards will be accepted as appropriate ID.

Adult tickets can only be purchased and used by persons age 18 or over. Adult ticket holders, who in the opinion of the entrance staff, appear to be under the age of 18 and cannot prove their age will be refused entry to the festival.

In compliance with the Promoter’s Child Protection Policy; Infant (under 2), Child (aged 2-12) and Youth (aged 13-17) tickets (hereafter referred to as “Under 18 Tickets”) can only be purchased by persons over the age of 25, and who will attend the festival with the Infant, Child or Youth for whom the ticket is purchased.

By purchasing an Under 18 Ticket, you are confirming that you are over the age of 25 and either; the parent, legal guardian or nominated guardian (hereafter referred to as “Responsible Adult”) of the youth, child or infant for whom you are purchasing the ticket.

Responsible Adults MUST bring a completed Guardian Form to the festival. A copy will be included with your ticket order, or it can be downloaded from here.

Under 18 ticket holders can only enter the festival with the person who purchased their ticket (i.e. their Responsible Adult). Any Under 18 ticket holder attempting to enter the festival without this person will be refused entry to the festival.

Each Responsible Adult attending can purchase and accompany up to a MAXIMUM of 2 Under 18 ticket holders collectively.

Under 18 Ticket holders must camp in the same location as their Responsible Adult. Youth ticket holders must be accompanied by their Responsible Adult at all times after 9pm. Child/Infant ticket holders must be accompanied by their Responsible Adult at all times.

All tiered tickets are exactly the same regardless of cost. There are no additional benefits to holding a higher tiered ticket.

All vehicles on site will require an appropriate Car Parking, Campervan or Car & Caravan pass. Please ensure this is visible in your windscreen BEFORE you arrive at the festival. Failure to do this could result in extra queuing, and passes bought on site will cost considerably more.

Regardless of the vehicle pass purchased, only vehicles deemed by the Promoter to be live-in vehicles (Campervans, Caravans or Trailer Tents) will be permitted in the live-in vehicle areas. No cars (other than those towing caravans or trailer tents) are permitted in this area and will be removed.

You are not permitted to sleep in any vehicle other than a vehicle deemed by the promoter to be a live-in vehicle and then only in the live-in vehicle areas.

An ‘Extra Width Pass’ is required for awnings or other small tents. This is limited to one pass per vehicle and allows an extra 2.5m of space to the side of the vehicle. This awning or tent must be brought in to the live-in area within vehicle.

Tickets are strictly non-refundable.

The Promoter will not issue duplicate tickets for lost or stolen tickets, and cannot be held responsible for any tickets which are lost or stolen.

In the event of cancellation, the Promotor’s liability for a refund is capped at the face value of the ticket only.

The promoter does not accept liability for any loss or damage caused to vehicles or other property by third parties – it is your responsibility to ensure that you have adequate insurance in place.

These terms and conditions are governed by the law of England & Wales.

Festival Rules

You may be asked for proof of age upon arrival at the festival, regardless of your ticket type. Only a valid passport, driving licence, or government approved proof of age cards will be accepted as appropriate ID.

Alcohol can ONLY BE BROUGHT IN ON YOUR 1st ENTRY WHEN YOU GET YOUR WRISTBAND, once you have your wristband you cannot bring more into the festival. You can bring in 1 crate of cans (up to 24 pack) OR 1 box of wine OR 1 bottle of decanted spirits (up to 1.5L). Glass is NOT ALLOWED on site and will be confiscated, so please look for drinks in alternative packaging or decant your drinks before you leave home.

Ticket holders may be searched on entry and at any time during the event by security. Illegal substances or any item reasonably considered for use as a weapon will be confiscated and the person found in possession may be refused admission or be ejected from the Festival site and/or passed to the police. Flares, Chinese lanterns, fireworks, psychoactive substances (including in particular but not limited to Nitrous Oxide canisters, glue, spray cans, chargers and/or associated paraphernalia) are not permitted on site. Refusal to be searched will result in the denial of entry to the festival.

Any person found to be unduly intoxicated through alcohol or substance abuse may be removed from the site and may be refused re-admission.

Any person reasonably suspected of criminal or anti-social behaviour may be removed from the site and may be refused re-admission.

The Promoter takes no responsibility for any loss or damage to property or vehicles, or injuries sustained at the festival caused by the negligence of the ticket holder or the actions of third parties, including independent subcontractors of the Promoter.

The Promoter operates a zero tolerance policy towards underage drinking. If you are under 18 and found in possession of alcohol, your items will be confiscated and you may be ejected from the festival site. Our bars operate a challenge 25 policy.

No glass bottles or containers are permitted within the main arena. Alcohol brought from the campsite/live-in vehicle areas into the main arena will be limited to 4 cans or a reasonable equivalent in other vessels. Please support the onsite bars, they keep the festival going.

No animals will be admitted to the site with the exception of guide dogs or other assistance dogs.

No unauthorised sound systems are permitted on site and will be removed.

Trading anywhere on site is strictly forbidden without specific prior permission. Anyone trading without permission will be immediately ejected from the site.

It is not permitted to access the live-in vehicle area on foot through the vehicle gate.

Whilst every effort is made to ensure the full, advertised line up performs, the Promoter reserves the right to change the line up or running times without prior notice (tickets are for the event and not a specific artist/band).

Ticket holders consent to the photography and filming/sound recording of the event as members of the audience. Images and footage may be used for promotional purposes.

The land surrounding the festival is private property and trespassers could be prosecuted.

No fires are permitted except in the Stone Circle within the arena. Camping stoves and barbeques must be raised off the ground. Please do not use camping stoves or gas lanterns in tents or other enclosed spaces.