Amen Sage

Stumblefunk at the Factory


Over the past seven years William Sage has been a solo act called Amen Sage, he does live jungle drum and bass drumming. When he performs live he drums along to his own pre-recorded DJ mixes that contain his own material and various types of jungle drum and bass music. The philosophy behind the act, is you’re hearing live authentic drums playing against a DJ mix, it creates excitement and a live humanistic feel to this style of electronic music. Amen Sage has played at various venues and festivals across the UK, such as Balter Festival, Eden Festival, Rosa Fest, Solfest and many more. He is also a jungle drum and bass DJ and currently has a monthly residency at The Old Abbey Taphouse for an event called Jungle Ting. He is also a producer and has digital releases on all streaming platforms. On his social media platforms, he releases regular drum cover videos and reel footage of his gigs. He also has a sponsorship deal with a clothing company called Junglist Network, where he wears their merchandise in his videos and promotes their brand.