Beatroot of All Evil

The Fortress


Beatroot of all evil was lead nib in the world's first heavy metal calligraphy tribute band Itallica, but we fell out writing the contract.Beatroot of all evil lives in Scarborough, DJs / produces and performed laptop duties in supersonic dance rock mash up band Deja Voodoo People. He was also their warm up DJ.

Beatroot mixes house, techno, breakbeat, acid, progressive house, disco and other cosmic grooves together. Regularly plays Gathering by the Sea in Scarborough amongst other coastal shindigs. Previously resident at Shake the Dust and Thirstfest in York. He has warmed up for Dub Pistols, Dreadzone and appeared at Tribfest, Shangri La, Eat Your Words, Lunar Sea, Ministry of Chocolate and Shake the Dust. Beatroot mixes have been broadcast on York DIY radio Cranky Radio, York Uni radio and Radio Scarborough.