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Benny L

The Fortress


Quintessential physical embodiment of certified gully Benny L has been blessed with the acclaim of the Metalheadz maestro Goldie. Whenever a Benny L tune cuts through the blend, you’ll know about it – if not then you’ve been to wrong dances or need to clean your ears out. Benny is up there with Serum and Voltage as one of this year’s most distinctive bassline sculptors. Obscenely on-point and sonically mature beyond his years, his basslines don’t bang but groan and moan under heavy production pressure. Rolling like old oak furniture being charged across floorboards by a herd of elephants, wheezing like the last puffs being squeezed out of a giant titanium robot, they’re not of this world and remind us of that iced-out, weirdo feeling only drum & bass can conjure.