The Launderette


A gaggle of weirdos on stage at full power playing a madcap, high octane, boundless entanglement of dramatic, phantasmagorical and festival-ready punk rock swirled around with a heavy blend of jazzy, spooky flavours complete with a brass section, synths, plenty pedals, props, ghost storytelling and a dash of comedy, circus, horror, witchcraft and theatrical pirate energy. Sure, you’ve seen these genres together before, but there’s no band like BOSSMAGS. Their own CURIO PUNK is derived from their theatrical experimentations with genres and themes to create what is effectively a full throttle curio cabinet of a repertoire. The music is tinged with influences of ska, klezmer, heavy metal, 20’s swing, dub, funk, rockabilly, driving dance music and spacey occult rock among countless other things but is very much punk rock in roots, attitude, energy and ethos.

Originally formed in Warrington in the North West with their first live performance in 2016, they have since steered their swashbuckling show to a variety of different stages all over the UK and Europe on various tours and festivals. Transdimensional reptilian shapeshifters, cult-worshipping machines, meddlesome crows and spectral pirate soul snatchers are but a few of the cautionary tales ranging from the witchy to the downright politically disdainful you’ll be ensnared by. You may laugh, you may cry, you may need an exorcism, but you’ll possibly have a good time.