Dom James & Saxometric

Stumblefunk at the Factory


Drawing from all corners of the Drum & Bass spectrum, and with some of his own originals sprinkled in for good measure, Dom James knows how to tear up a dance floor. While Elliot, aka Saxometronic, adds an extra OOMPH to the set with his digitally twisted sax - like a funky hybrid between a soloist and an MC. Together they form an act which brings something new and exciting to festival style Drum and Bass.

Much like the leads in a cheesy rom com, this DJ and Saxophone duo met 10 years ago at amutual friend’s wedding. Since then a beautiful bro-mance has blossomed - one founded ona mutual respect for each other’s musicality. The result: a raucous, in your face, Drum & Bass act that has been making people lose their minds on the dancefloor!

Elliot discovered his love for funky basslines playing bari sax in his high school jazz bandback in California. Since moving to Europe he's played sax and trombone in various jazz and funk bands in Birmingham, Barcelona, and Bristol. Most recently he has played tenor sax with the Dutty Moonshine Big Band.

Dom has been the driving force behind some of the friendliest nights in Manchester for the last few years - nights which have always sold out. A ceaseless crate digger, his depth and breadth of musical knowledge is reflected in his drum and bass sets which showcase a quick-fire style that always blows up the dance floor. Don't be fooled by his cheeky grin - his taste is the filthy, gnarly stuff that you won't hear on any chart show.