Toil Trees


Floorplan is not your ordinary techno act: they’re on a mission to spread a message of love. Ever since Detroit techno pioneer Robert Hood invited his daughter Lyric to join him under the moniker of Floorplan back in 2016, they’ve been sweeping the scene with a house and gospel-infused, hard-hitting techno sound that moves you — physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

The decisiveness of Robert Hood’s impact on electronic music is indisputable. Throughout the 90s, he helped pave the way for techno to flourish — first as an early member of Detroit’s infamous Underground Resistance, and later as a solo artist, giving birth to minimal techno with his seminal album Minimal Nation. Since then, he has been consistently forwarding electronic music culture with groundbreaking productions, sensational performances, and his fabulous M-plant label.

Robert initially created Floorplan as an alter ego to explore the realms beyond minimal techno. Starting out with the ever-so-powerful Funky Souls in 1996, gospel and house music were engrained in the sound from the get-go. Over the next two decades, Floorplan became Robert’s foremost musical outlet to express his love for Christ (he is also a minister). Track titles like Higher, Confess, and Sanctified foreboded Floorplan’s future as one of techno’s most pious acts.

Lyric Hood made her first DJ appearance at her own sweet sixteen party, attentively guided by her father. She went on to perform Christian techno with a gospel choir and became utterly obsessed with the idea of making music. That’s when Robert suggested she’d join Floorplan. Lyric’s open-mindedness and impeccable musical instinct perfectly complemented Robert’s extensive knowledge and decades of experience. This resulted in a series of successful releases, with the albums Victorious on M-Plant and Supernatural on Aus Music as their greatest feats.

Floorplan is operating on a divine level of blood harmony. Anyone who has ever witnessed one of their electrifying performances can attest to that. Being a father and daughter spanning two generations gives them an unparalleled outlook on electronic music. Their faith in God cements the connection. From their very first collaboration to their latest banger — the widely acclaimed We Give Thee Honour on Classic Music Company — Floorplan remains a force to be reckoned with.

Between the two of them frequenting clubs and festivals around the world together, Robert still reigning supreme as the vanguard of techno, and Lyric further expanding her solo discography, all eyes are set now on Floorplan’s third album — which will also be coming out on Classic next year, preceded by a set of singles. Knowing Floorplan, they will hit you where it counts.