The Fortress


Mandidextrous has become a staple name in the underground dance music industry for many years now here in the UK, Europe and further afield.

Pioneering fresh new genres such as Jungletek , Raggatek and Speedbass Mandi has become a true influencer with a huge fan base and a whole plethora of headline gigs, Vinyl releases, Digital releases, Merchandise and events which has lead them to some amazing achievements in their time.

Since being signed to the Electrobooking agency based in Leipzig Germany in 2013, Mandi has been one of the only if not the only Transgender artist touring the uk and internationally on the Hardtek scene.

In 2019 Mandi became the first ever Transgender artist to write all of the closing ceremony tracks for internationally renowned festival Boomtown Fair comprising of two slamming D&B tracks and two Electric Techno tracks played by the like of Amelia lense & My new leng over the two main dance arena’s the Relic and Nucleus to more than 50’000 people. Since then they have also landed a spot in a mentorship scheme with EQ50 & Ram Records in order to put their mark on the D&B scene where it all started for Mandi as a DJ circa 1998.

Crossing the boundaries in Music as well as gender Mandi has been very open and public about their exploration of Gender rolls having transitioned from Male to Female and more recently has come out as Non Binary A sexual pronouns Them/Thier.

Mandi’s music is diverse, a combination of high energy 4X4 DNB and Hardtek sounds and more recently a brand new genre Speedbass which takes inspiration from Basshouse/Bassline but keeping things 4×4 175bpm in true Mandi style.

2021 will see Mandi focusing more on their D&B productions as well as bigger shows and even bigger accomplishments.

Mandi’s shows are often talked about as high energy from start to finish sending venues and arenas to maximum capacity in minutes having filled 4000 to 5000 capacity festival arena’s and clubs where ever she goes.

A true innovator , A true spirit born from a great British institution……