Meg Ward

Thursday Fun


Hailing from Pontefract, West Yorkshire but adopting the northern City of Newcastle as her second home before moving to Leeds, Meg Ward is a multi-faceted producer and DJ that continues to elevate her artistry. Through what can only be described as an innate passion and love for electronic music, she has diligently worked to hone a unique sound that comprises driving basslines and synth-heavy compositions the likes of which have been heard at some of the world’s most prestigious venues and festivals, such as Creamfields, The Warehouse Project and Motion Bristol to name just a few.

Having performed with a number of instruments and contributing to a brass band in her earlier years, Meg discovered the enigmatic qualities of the electronic music community whilst attending raves during her university years. Then working in event promotion, bars and the welfare sector of the UK festival scene, she was beset with a desire to branch out into performing herself and as they say the rest is history.

Growing up listening to the energising sounds of bassline and bass house coming out of Yorkshire, it’s abundantly clear as to how this style of music has influenced her sound. Though being inspired predominantly by the artists performing in her second hometown of Newcastle, in truth Meg has drawn direction from multiple parts of the world. Her productions and DJ sets are distinctly house oriented, incorporating elements of the classic rave sounds of the 90s. Pair this with her love for the hip house & juke style genres (which are felt in the vocals she creates), and you have an artist that both honours and builds upon the work of her fellow artists.

Though relatively early on in her career, Meg’s discography already includes landmark releases on UK label ‘Needwant’ (with the well received ‘Melbourne Street’, ‘Make U Mine’ and recently ‘Last All Night’) and the well renowned ‘Trick’, the former of which really represents the inimitable production atmosphere she has created. Her involvement with Patrick Topping’s ‘Trick’ has also played a significant role in the trajectory of her career with Patrick himself putting a lot of faith in her and supporting her artistic journey along the way.

What really sets Meg apart from the rest, and drives her each and every day, is her deep desire to promote the authenticity and freedom that music can bring. Making people feel something special when they see her perform or listen to her productions is a staple component of her artistry; a point of difference that continues to impress and affect all who bear witness.

Meg Ward is tearing down barriers in the most positive of ways, creating an inclusive dancefloor environment where people can be their true, authentic selves and she sure is having a lot of fun doing it.