Origin8a & Propa

The Fortress


Ever get the feeling you've been cheated? Wondering why the current crop of rave wannabes sounds like there's been far too much po-faced navel gazing going on in the studio, and not enough sweaty, wide-eyed hardcore intensity on the dancefloor? Then Origin8a & Propa might just be the act for you.

This is the sound of clapped out Ford Cortinas packed with excited teens heading out on the M25 in search of the next warehouse party while listening to pirate radio. This is the feeling you had when you heard your first Prodigy or Orbital record.

From the spun out piano-led breakbeat-hardcore of "No Justice, No Peace" through the rave reportage-sampling tekno of "Channels", and on to the massive Radio 1 anthem (with more than 40 plays) of Harmony (Benny Page remix), this is the soundtrack to 3am in an abandoned shoe factory somewhere in Hertfordshire as lazers spike holes through the smokey architecture and the first rumbling of that next dose of MDMA begins to shoot through your cerebellum.

Origin8a & Propa are here to prove that the rave revival is real.