Tinker Muffin

The Launderette

Local legend "Tinkermuffin" and co-founder of Mashed (which recently celebrated its 8th Birthday), has a huge musical background. Working for the BBC, producing fresh original tracks as well as remixing, editing, mash-ups and bootlegs. Not to mention the audio capturing, events archiving, sampling, repairing audio equipment and all the side projects he has on the go at any given time. Always a certified great set from the Tinkermuffin. Favourite genres include Reggae, Drum & Bass, Mashups, Party Edits, Bootlegs....

Co-Founder & Resident at MASHED, Crescent Community Venue, York.

One half of the Drum & Bass duo Personal Space Invaders.

Part of the long standing collective known as Hedstate.

Resident at Jammin' @ Rise

Working this craft for 25+ years...!