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Toby Farrow

The Perfumed Garden

It all started in West London with the exchanging of mixtapes & pirate radio shizzle. Then came "Me & Baby brother" by War, two turntables and a Realistic mixer, playing blues house parties, enjoying curry goat and such. Then BANG, along came house. It split the posse down the middle, but Toby was deffo pro house, and off to Mid-Wales to partake in many wondrous things. With his trusty record collection, he preached the word of house and techno to the indigenous population, and it all became one big free party love-in. Playing to anyone who'd listen, he started some dubious residencies in some low-brow establishments, and put on a funk/soul/hip- hop/disco/breaks night called Freestyle for four years with a fellow funk lover. He’s still banging out the house and techno, but loves the more eclectic sets (boogie, funk, hip-hop and easy listening). He tries to make people dance and have some fun, never taking it too seriously. Sometimes there's a hidden message to the set but usually it’s just playing to the crowd, or to that one person that always dances.