Woody Cook

Toil Trees


Woody’s life experiences of being born into a very artistic family have given him a unique outlook on life. Always looking on the bright side and being the first to help other when he can, he believes that if you give a little love then it all comes back to you. But is also well aware of the fact that in order to succeed books and life experience are second to none. So Woody throws himself into everything he does from reading, presenting, speeches and music.

After a brief modelling stint Woody found himself wrapped up in the incredible experience that was Channel 4’s The Circle, in which he got to the final in order to prove that being yourself was still a viable option in the world. His friendly and genuine while entertaining persona then landed him sitting next to his Mum on Series 2 of Celebrity Gogglebox which he still does to this day. Besides the TV you may find Woody DJ’ing across the country with his Music / Media label Truth Tribe. A company he co owns which provides musical events and online videos centred around music, mental health and education. He also is incredibly passionate about mental health, sexuality, race, environmental issues, and has recently done a talk at Cambridge University on mental health and unity.

In the future Woody hopes to continue to present his truth throughout the project’s he is involved in. More DJ events, more videos online and interviewing artists: plus a further focus on presenting or other TV work. It may seem on the surface like Woody is doing a lot but he has proven himself more than capable and continues to prove that he is more then the sum of his parents with the help of his friends.