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Become a Bombassador

Posted 12th January 2018

We're really keen for Beat-Herder to be the best party possible and parties are always better when you're surrounded by your friends! We can't think of a better way to achieve this than getting lovely people like yourself to spread the Beat-Herder love around your friends and families again.

So why not earn yourself a free ticket and other goodies by encouraging your friends to come along to Beat-Herder. They’ll love it and you’ll not only be the focus of their appreciation, but you’ll have also got yourself in for nowt! What’s not to like.

If this all sounds good, here’s what to do:

  • Head over to the end of this internet link and sign yourself up as a Bombassador:
  • Gather your acquaintances; tell them all about the loveliness of Beat-Herder, describe the experiences they’ll enjoy and new friends they’ll make, if only they take that tiny step towards enlightenment!
  • Share the link to your unique Bombassador ticket page and for every adult ticket sold through your page you’ll earn 100 points!
  • Save your points and then either use them to buy a ticket (800 points) for yourself, put them towards a glamping upgrade, or aim high and get the Beat-Herder branded, his ‘n’ hers matching 21 speed all-terrain mountain bikes (10,000,000 points)
  • Thank your friends by buying them a beer, making them a pie, giving them a piggy back to the shop, or at least doing their washing up.