Posted 17th April 2024

Every year we have a Saturday fancy dress day at The Beat-Herder Festival but it's never "pirates" or "animals", we have a letter as the theme so you can go crazy with the creative juices and ideas, plus it keeps everyone guessing.
So, for 2024, it was a hard choice, it was always going to be, I mean, there's 26 letters to choose from, right?!
This year we have picked a letter that is fierce, fabulous and full of surprises.... It's the fantastic letter F.
So give Fred Dibnah, Freddie Mercury, Frida Kahlo, Florence Nightingale or Frodo Baggins your best shot. Let's have flamingos, French maids and Father Christmas. How about Flash Gordon, a Flintstone, a firefighter, blimey - even a fork?!
If you're really struggling grab a frock or cover yourself in feathers... There's lots more, just have a think and go for it.
We can't wait to see you all!!
2022 was the letter B and some images on here with Bees, Baseball players, Baywatch, British Airways and the painter Bob Ross!