Getting Ready

Posted 10th July 2022


Preparation is always good and I bet loads of you are sorting stuff out today.

Check out for some good info to help.

Getting it right makes for a much better weekend for the arrival and the duration!

For example, image is of the booze info...

Here's some more FAQ answers to recent questions:

- Car passes are only available on arrival at the festival now.

- yes, you can arrive on the Saturday of the festival with your ticket if you can't make it on the opening day.

- Gates at 10:00 on the Thursday for 4 day ticket holders.

- Gates at 09:00 on the Friday for 3 day ticket holders.

- No, you can't come on the Thursday if you have a 3 day ticket!

- No, there are no plug sockets for hair-straighteners

- yes, we have showers (times and cost tbc)

- Absolutely no glass, do not bring it

- Looks like it'll be warm/hot in the day and pretty cool at night. So bring suncream for the day and an extra layer for the night & something decent to keep you warm in bed too!

- Decent footwear is essential, you'll be outside and on your feet, like a dancing marathon, for hours!

- Yes, you can bring little gas stoves to cook on but OUTSIDE the tent, not in it! (FYI, we do have the best food stalls from the UK festival and street-food scene)

- For gods sake bring some spare underwear too and a toothbrush, haha!

- plots and marbles will be collected up at the end but let's be prepared for an excellent and magical weekend from the start

Can't wait so see you all soon to... HERD EM UP!! xx