Posted 18th February 2020

PAYMENT PLAN HERDERS, please read this carefully.
You may have nothing to do so DON'T PANIC!

1. Is your payment plan fully up to date and no payments are outstanding (check your bank to make sure your payment plan is actually going out)?
2. Do Ticketline have a correct and operational email address to contact you?
If the answer is "YES!" to both questions then stop here and, congratulations, you have nothing to do.
But... If one or both resulted in a "no" then read on.

If your card details remain the same and you want to bring your payment plan up to date please confirm in email to – you must give your full name, postcode and customer ID number.

If you want to confirm your correct email address for your file please also email the above address with the same details and your full email address.

Should you have a new bank card (which may well be the simple reason why payments suddenly stopped), please contact us on 0161 813 2068 to provide your new details and pay any outstanding payments.
For data protection purposes please do not send any card details by email.

Thanks . xxx