Reviews from 2018

Posted 27th September 2018

‘Beat-Herder you've once again set the benchmark for putting on a great party for a great party crowd.’ -eFestivals

‘Beat-Herder is bold, intense, organised chaos, bringing all kinds of people together for the love of a good party.' - Festivals For All

‘In an era when most festivals across the country are slapped with the tagline: “a festival with a difference”, Beat-Herder can wear the badge with pride….. Its charming obscurity stems from its founders’ insistence on keeping things small, but with a big, big heart.’ - Bag Thing

‘Having spent the past three days wrapped in your warm embrace, our bodies and minds may be weary, but our spirits nourished by the sights, sounds, and full sensorium experience provided by both the curators and the crowd alike.’
The Waveform Transmitter. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

‘It is nice to be somewhere where having a good time is prioritised over corporate greed, and it’s the reason I’ll keep going back to Beat-Herder for a quick escape into the labyrinth.’ -
Big Issue North

‘Beat-Herder seems to improve year-upon-year. Their production is phenomenal, as is their artist choice, and it is nice to see under-appreciated genres like drum & bass and Bassline getting a lot of coverage.’
Next Fest

Lancashire’s electronic mecca Beat-Herder has provided some extraordinary gatherings over the past 10 years and 2018 was certainly one of the best.’
UK Festival Guides

'The only negative about Beat-Herder? Well, that would be that it had to end.
If you choose to go to any festival in 2019 - and who doesn't love a good British summer time festival - make sure you head to the hills of Lancashire for Beat-Herder. We know we will.'
Pretty 52

‘What makes Beat-Herder so special? The hedonism? The friendly vibes? The creativity? The barminess? Whatever it is, it’s not one to miss. 2019….here we come!’
Data Transmission