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Posted 17th June 2019

As you know, when purchasing your ticket this year you entered the name(s) of each person attending and then ticked a box to confirm that the name(s) were correct.
The name on each ticket has to match the person with their ID to be granted access to the festival - IT IS REALLY IMPORTANT.
You will not get in if this is not correct.
If you've done this wrong or someone else bought you the ticket and it's got their name on then this is the way to sort it out. It is the ONLY WAY TO SORT IT OUT so do it NOW:
The original purchaser (and only this person), who will have a confirmation email from Ticketline, needs to call Ticketline directly on 01618132222 - to arrange the name change & pay the postage fee for sending out the new ticket.
The original purchaser will be instructed to send the ticket back (recorded delivery recommended) and Ticketline will then send out an updated ticket for you.
We do not have any access to the ticket info here at the festival office nor can we sort this for you. The original purchaser must call Ticketline.

PURCHASING FINAL TICKETS AND BUYING FROM OTHERS: You can't get in with a ticket with someone elses name on or with a ticket for a locker or with the front piece of yellow card from the ticket order with someone's name and address on. There, sadly, seems to be many people being scammed SO PLEASE buy safely and get your tickets from us via the website whilst you can and make sure you enter the correct name(s)!!!

We're really looking forward to next month, we work tirelessly all year to make this weekend for you. We want to avoid tears and issues at the ticket exchange point so please share this and, hopefully, everyone will be smiling :)