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Posted 23rd June 2019

It feels great to be adding another tally on the chart for the sold out Beat Herder years - all of them since the launching 14 years ago!Congratulations to everyone who managed to get a ticket, our Herders, many of who are returning again and again. We're blessed with a loyal family who want to come back year on year, trusting what we do, knowing this party is for real. We love welcoming 1st timers too - what a treat they're in for. To be fully independent and alone in a climate where many festivals in the UK now fall under a small number of umbrellas is scary and holds major challenges, but selling out again enforces that people truly do love this event and all the amazing work that goes into it from a tiny team of friends, and friends of friends - all the amazing people that we work with to make the magic year after year, the dream team. We're blessed to have sold out, we work tirelessly all year round to put on the best weekend we can for everyone and it's right around the corner! HERD EM UP