Working Men's Club Poster

Posted 11th June 2024

Eyes down, quiet f't'turn, don't look bar-staff in t'eye and count y'change.

That's right... IT'S WONDERFUL, IT'S AMAZING, IT'S SUPER, SMASHING, GREAT... You know it.... IT'S The Beat-Herder & District Workingmen's Social Club.

We love them, they love you and, yes, you bloody love it! x

This year featuring the one and only BEZ, the incredible Deptford Northern Soul Club, the one man majesty of Funke and the Two Tone Baby AND a host of other amazing artists AND not forgetting all the nonsense and shenanigans of the quiz's, Karaoke and bingo PLUS **DO NOT FORGET** get signed up to the Talent show and WIN a main stage slot!! 'Ow's about that!